The story of sifi and Orb loudspeakers. The Orbital sound system was a unique speaker system that highlighted sustainable cabinet  materials with the use of ceramic.

sifi - Orbital Sound Systems

In 2002 I initiated an experiment with a small group of some close friends to find an alternative cabinet material for loudspeaker production.

The mission was to work with a local UK art and craft industry not traditionally involved in the manufacture of audio products and to research and design a range of products that would again challenge the convention of loudspeaker genre, through the use of ceramic cabinets and sustainable production.

A talented team of acoustic engineers and traditional craftsmen worked alongside each other to apply their expertise in a way that challenged the audio product conventions. The team had created a new generation of audio products for an audience as diverse in the application of their systems as they are in their listening tastes.

We wanted to inspire people by creating high performance, functional objects that also enhance the space surrounding them. The loudspeakers were designed for use in many environments and were made available in an extensive choice of colours, finishes and fittings.