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The artwork for The Orb’s latest album, “No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds”, was an opportunity to look at the Orb ID as a whole. Thirty years on from their debut "The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld", it was a reunion of sorts with Youth back at the production helm, Jah Wobble on bass and a menagerie of guest musicians ranging from Roger Eno to Hollie Cook. It could be described as a musical triumph of sorts; possibly closing the loop on a journey of a band synonymous with acid house, inventors of chillout woven within the tapestry of electronic music. The sound of the album although consistent with their beginning is an analog smorgasbord for new listeners, some of which, if late to the party, have a great back catalog to catch up on.

Bearing this in mind, I worked closely with Alex Paterson, throughout the process, receiving demo tracks and riffing on space imagery. It was the perfect diving board to launch into my own interpretation. Fusing space, technology, and mysticism I set out to create imagery that used a visual kineticism invoking sound through movements of big color and motion. Embedded symbolism represents visual interpretations of time, gravity, electricity as the fundamental enigmas of life.

The artwork theme worked throughout the album, single, festival, light show to set up The Orb with a new ID.