It was an unforgettable challenge to capture the spirit and passion of the RAW Coffee Founders, Kim & Matt, to help them on their road to achieve RAW coffee perfection. As their company grew, so did their products, including brand extensions. I helped with the design of their brand from a boutique infant roastery to a force to be reckoned with; a Dubai Top100 SME 2015, a successful Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2016, a finalist in the Gulf Capital Business of the Year 2017 and the leader of Specialty Coffee in the Middle East.

Matt & Kim drive their business from the front seat and travel around the world to find the best coffee. It was about keeping the spirit of its original inception, to provide a personality made of visual styles and tone to follow whatever they touched. The design style of weathered, rawness and materials reflect a patina that tells stories, punctuated in handwritten fonts and heavy distorted type. It grew the ability to comment and converse with an ever-expanding audience. Kim and Matt are such wonderful personalities, the brand reflects their playful nature to drive their no-nonsense life pursuit; to deliver the best and most unique coffee in the world.