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Pico Eco

"If with great power comes great responsibility, then design is indeed a  great responsibility and with it, is the power to create. Never before has it been more important to wield this influence with such a sense of global purpose. Whatever physical objects or architecture we bring into this world has more than likely taken from it as well. Earth’s recourses are finite and as a designer in the 21st century and beyond we should understand this more than anyone else on the planet. We are the vanguard. That is why the creation of things the world wants or needs, goes hand in hand with producing these things responsibly.

The conservation of the world’s resources, through minimising the consumption of energy and eliminating waste are all relevant to sustainable practice. In practicing sustainability we help reduce the negative ecological impacts. This is a pivotal time for the planet, as at the moment we are living way beyond the Earth’s natural means. Way beyond our means. We are also at a stage of human development where the world is slowly awakening to this fact. The message is filtering through mass media, individual awareness and even corporate responsibility.

I share a belief that designers and other creatives have more potential to slow down environmental degradation than economists, politicians, businesses and even environmentalists. Our influence is that broad. We have the ability to influence choice, manufacturing and production. We set trends, innovate and create to enhance the way we live. In fact we have ability to change the way people live thier lives and when we consider environmental impacts, we have the ability to do this in the most peaceful and respectful way possible.

Pico Eco is Pico’s way to incite behavioural change and sustainable responsibility in our shared avocation. As producers and manufacturers we understand the importance of actions in the need to safe guard the resources and eco-systems for future generations.

We are agents of change.

We have considered the virtues of the One Planet lifestyle, or ‘One Planet Living’ (, which is the simple understanding that if we carry on the way we are now, by the year 2035 we are going to have to find a second planet identical to Earth. Our growing demands for energy and resources are untenable. "

Excerpt of speech delivered by Simon Ghahary to delegates of Pico International Global Conference, Bangkok, Thailand 2009

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