The line between design and art though often blurred, is a thin, sacred space where brilliant work is brought to life. For Simon Ghahary, this terrain became the place where he would create his most revered pieces, ushering in an audience that praises both form and function. His love for the psychedelic, Science Fiction, and the esoteric has an undeniable presence is his body of work. Ghahary creates dynamic forms out of what he has uniquely digested from the world around him, from the intricacies of sound to the wonder-filled shapes and colors of nature. 

Born in Brighton, England, Ghahary’s roots along with his travels around the world have informed his innovative work. From personal electronics and musicians to luxury goods, Ghahary’s diverse portfolio of clients allows him to construct from all angles of design and brand identity. He looks at each project holistically with an unexpected approach, often taking everyday items and inverting preconceived notions to create a product that provides an amazing user-experience that also resembles a piece of art. Aside from serving as a Creative Director to a handful of successful, innovative brands, Ghahary spent many years in the music industry, designing unconventional speakers and later founding the iconic electronic music label, Blue Room Released.

Today, sound remains a cornerstone in Ghahary’s work as he returns to his true artistic endeavors.  From design and branding, to immersive art that asks audiences to ponder beyond the surface, Ghahary is a visionary that brings relevance to nostalgia and sheds light on the mysteries of tomorrow.