Orb 1

The story of the Orb 1 ceramic loudspeaker, cornerstone of the Orbital Sound System. Created by Simon Ghahary.​

Orb 1

The future of electronic decadence - in all its high-res, full blooded glory - is here. Orbs marry sophisticated design on the outside with superior technology inside.
— Surface magazine

Most hi-fi companies are happy to just sell people fixed sets and don’t give their customers flexibility in using their products. Orb 1 is designed as the seed from which people can grow their Orb system. Orb speakers and sub woofers in combination connect to create Orb systems to offer maximum choice in answering performance needs with aesthetic practicality. The Orb range evolved from the Orb 1 with each subsequent product growing from the last shape, either to boost performance or function. In this way all Orbs were related, allowing easy visual combinations.

For me, ceramic has been the Holy Grail for cabinet acoustics and production. This highly dynamic material is renewable, kinder to the environment than plastic and offers stunning results due to the hand built nature of production. Ceramic is an art with skilled families passing their trade generation to generation. Manufacture takes place from pattern to plaster molds, which in turn are a tiny investment compared to plastic injection tooling.