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musical soundscapes

I've always sought out upcoming and unusual music and have a vast, varied and dynamic collection for it. Back in the Blue Room days, I collected music to sign bands and make compilations. Our musical landscape has changed over the past few years, with a majority of listeners leaving the curation of their music down to streaming music services such as Spotify. Personally, for me, nothing beats searching and discovering music for yourself.  It's a joy playing and sharing what you find.  

The Grails project was created in 2015 to mix and compile some of my favorite finds that year, into sonic tapestries, soundscapes that offer sonic journeys - perfect for inner-space travel.  Both are underpinned by projects that structured the selection into being and meaning. They were intentionally recorded  on two special dates in 2015. One the longest day, the other longest night. 


Between the 25th May & 15th June I was fortunate to complete an online course conducted & taught by Jason Louv of learning the meaning, symbolism, and history of the major Arcana that form the main cards of the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. For each day we studied a card in chronological order, traveling through and up the Major Arcana. As part of the process, after each card & lesson, we recorded our observations and posted our thoughts and feelings during that day. As part of a group of students from an around the world, we met regularly at 7.30am each morning for 30 minutes over a total of 22 days. The visual symbolism of the tarot is richly coated in meaning. It's a feast for the imagination.

As part of my own experiences, I noted music and sounds that resonated to me after each card revealed. This recording is a journey of those sounds and music mixed in chronological order from that time. 

Recorded by Si-Fi on the Solstice 21 June 2015, Long Beach, California.

Length 1 hour 23 minutes. Play Loud.

About Lessons from the integratron

Grails flavoured with "Lessons from The Integratron". Inspired and based on overnight recordings of experiences gathered on a pilgrimage to unlocking the mysteries of The Integratron, George Van Tassel's transdimensional Multiple Wave Oscillator built in Landers deep within California's Mojave Desert. For almost a year, I traveled to the Integratron every month, allured by the stillness and beauty of the high desert. The fact a lot of information I was reading at the time coincided with the opportunity to visit this place, added to its mystery, even with a sober mind. It was fascinating, and its nature made a big impression.

You could describe the Integratron an unusual place. The idea behind its dome-shaped physical form is mysterious.  It's a punctuating form on the desert landscape, not unlike the shape of an observatory. The maker, a religious man, and rocket scientist with alleged telepathic contact to transdimensional aliens could have come from the annals of science fiction. I can't help but think it influenced many stories from it. 

For me, these add a little spice to the myth around what is a beautiful acoustic room. The central dome forms a surreal listening space, making it an exciting place to listen and explore.

Restored from disrepair and maintained as an "acoustically perfect structure" by the Karl sisters since 2000, The Integratron was saved from being transformed into a disco and is currently activated as a frequency machine by Eric Rankin, who is a pioneer in pursuit of Sacred Geometry and the mysterious 432 HZ. 

Including field recordings made during  2015.  Mix Recorded by Si-Fi on the Winter Solstice, 21st December, 2015, Long Beach, California.

Length 1 hour 23 minutes. Play Loud.