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A humongous thanks

So many people have helped me achieve the possibility of delivering concepts, designs, experiences, visions and art throughout these years I wanted to dedicate a place on my site forged with my deep gratitude, respect and sincerity to all that have been involved. I also wanted to list the credits and share all the wonderful people that were part of these times, that were part of my history and still continue to inspire and excel in there own right, most as masters of their field, talented artists and generally good all round human beings.

A tidal wave of love and thanks from the deepest caverns of my heart and being for all your hard work, patience and support.
— Simon Ghahary, October 2012

Credits in chronological order

Original Blue Room Logo

Original Blue Room Logo

Blue Room Loudspeakers 1991-1993

  • Founder, Product Design & Creative direction - Simon Ghahary

  • The Team - Dave Roberts, Matt Lennard, Nick Johns, James Torme

  • Acoustic & Technical team - Laurence Dickie, Dave Roberts, Martin De Saulles

  • Manufacturing & production - Dave Roberts, Simon Ghahary, Martin De Saulles, Mark Weevil, Nick Johns

  • Special thanks to - Matthew Lennard (for early support and being a great pal) Gary Lennard (for the chance to move to Steyning, from Brighton and find that skip), Friends of Steyning that pointed me to the skip, Dr John Dibb (for first opening the door at B&W), Tim Johns (For business structure and general business advice) A to Z Signs Brighton, Laurence Dickie & Robert Trunz for unwavering support and belief. LX Paterson for the Soundtrack.


Blue Room Loudspeakers with B&W loudspeakers 1993-1995

  • Founder, Product Design & Creative direction - Simon Ghahary

  • Fellow Founders - Robert Trunz & Dave Roberts (1993-94)

  • Acoustic & Technical development team - Laurence Dickie, Martin De Saulles, Dave Roberts and Alan Denyer

  • Manufacturing - Dave Roberts, Nigel Tew, Mark Weevil,

  • Marketing - Robert Trunz, Andrew Sutton, Jonathan Richardson, Richie Burridge, Peter Chadwick, Hans Berland, Robert Wong, Louise Leekham Donno, Mark Allen

  • Product Photography - Robert Clifford

  • Sales - B&W loudspeakers International distributors

  • Special thanks to Richard Norris & Dave Bull of the Grid (watch the video for the Grid's Swamp Thing here), Robert Trunz for making the initial investment and leap of faith that took my designs global & Joe Atkins and all those involved at B&W Loudspeakers, especially for production (Pete Lendy & friends). Thanks for your patience and support


Blue Room Loudspeakers 1996-2002

  • Product Design & Creative Direction - Simon Ghahary

  • Ownership - Robert Trunz & Libera Trunz

  • Shareholder - Simon Ghahary

  • Acoustic & Technical development team - Laurence Dickie, Martin De Saulles

  • Manufacturing - Dave Roberts (1996 - 1998), Scandyna International

  • Omnimount Bracket Design - Martin De Saulles & Robert Trunz

  • Marketing and Brand Development - Robert Trunz, Simon Ghahary, Christoph Spengler, Mark Fischer, Dan Egli, Olivia Gwyn-Jones

  • Website development - Simon Ghahary, Christoph Spengler, Mark Fischer, Dan Egli, Owen Priestley, Graham Holden

  • Sales - Rob Lambert & Robert Wong

  • Product Photography - Kristoph Klauke, Micheal Gardiner from Walter Gardiner, Simon Lewis

  • Product Photography Art direction - Mark Fischer (Kristoph Klauke) Simon Ghahary (Walter Gardiner & Simon Lewis)

  • Special thanks to Libera Trunz, Alberta Benedetti, Ray Rowles


Blue Room Released 1995 - 2001

  • Founder, A&R, Creative Direction & Various Album Artworks - Simon Ghahary

  • Ownership - Robert Trunz

  • Shareholder - Simon Ghahary

  • Label Manager - Mick Paterson

  • Sales & Distribution - Dave Tyler, Scott Taves

  • Production - Richard Wheeler & Clive Thompson

  • Press & Promotions - Celeste O’Neil, Jonathan Richardson, Louise Leekham Donno, Shelly

  • UK Events - James Baggott & the Ahimsa team, Daveid Phillips (The Forum and Tribal Gathering)

  • Worldwide Events - Mark Van Der Vlugt, Peter Van Der Vlugt, Borzin, Chill Nique

  • The Artists - Juno Reactor - Ben Watkins & Mike Maquire, Cydonia - Dino Psaras, Steve Ronan, Ian Rive, Total Eclipse - Stéphane Holweck, Serge Souque & Loïc Van Pouckein, Saafi Brothers - Michael Kohlbecker, Gabriel Le Mar & Alex Azary, KoxBox - Franke Madsen, Peter Candy, Ian Ion, Etnica - Max Lanfranconi, Carlo Paterno Maurizio Begotti & Andrea Rizzo, Deviant Electronics - Ciaran Walsh, Spectral - Jean-Loup Kehrig, Thierry Gotti, Giuseppe De Bellis Rodrigo Passannanti, X-Dream - Jan Müller & Marcus C. Maichel, Johann Bley, The Infinity Project - Raja Ram & Graham Wood, Carcharadon - Francois Cribier, Patrice Pezet & Xavier Morel, Acidrockers - Matthew Buggins, Galaxy - Boris Blenn, Cwithe - Anthony Koppenaal, Jens Waldebäck, Metalspark - Lucas Mees, Lorenzo Zoeter, Patrice Van Den Berg, Noosphere - Eberhard Schulz, Niels Paschen, Sunkings - Jay Paine, Paul N. Davies, Michael Bluemink, Taz Alexander & Hugh Ashton, RND Technolgies - Fredrick Almquist, Phil Weiss, Pierre Branet, Willy Boutron, Yacco Vijn, Adrian Danet, Alexis Le Tan, Alien - Alastair Johnson, Ben Wierzoch, Ofer Dikovsky & Marko Goren

  • The DJs - Dino Psaras, Mike Maquire, Serge Souque, Lucas, Xavier Morel and the many champions of our music

  • Mastering - Kevin Metcalf at Soundmasters

  • Album Artwork Collaborators - Outside the Reactor - Matt Consume, Photos - Nigel Garion-Hutchings. TIP - Mystical Experiences - Based on Molecule Painting by Brahma. Total Eclipse - Delta Aquirids - Mark Allen, Photos - Nigel Garion-Hutchings. Juno Reactor - Beyond the Infinite - Cover image Simon Watkins, Trip Through Sound - Richie Burridge. Made On Earth - Photo Jonathan Ross. Signs of Life & More Signs of Life - Photos Steven Alexander. Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation - Richie Burridge, Saafi Brothers - Richie Burridge, Cover Painting - Brahma.

  • Special thanks to Robert Trunz for making the investment and backing, Inner Field sound system, all at TIP Records, Dimitri, Borzin, Nique, Youth, Kata & the Finnish Crew, Carsten Stäcker, Sven Vath, Paul Oakenfold, CJ Bolland, Robert Leiner, Front 242, Russ Street people, Ray Rowles & Extra special thanks to our many listeners and the Global Tribe that made our events legend


Blue Room Americas – San Franciso

  • The Team - Nick Crayson (CEO), Adam Antennae Ohana, Cyril Noir, DJ Anna Anon, Darin Earl, Jonathan Obera, Devon Crayson, Paul Bosworth

  • Ownership - Nick Crayson & Robert Trunz

  • Special thanks to Robert Trunz for making the investment and backing the US adventure. Nick for taking the Blue Room mantle and running with it. And extra special thanks to all our San Fran and West Coast family– you know who you are!



  • Founder, Product Design and Creative Direction - Simon Ghahary

  • Fellow Founders - Jonathan Green, Anil Mehta & Paul Kingsley

  • Fellow Share Holders - Sean Kinmont & Caroline Teunissen

  • CEO - Paul Kingsley

  • MD - Jonathan Green

  • Legal Secretary - Anil Mehta

  • Acoustic Design and Technical Development Team - Rob Hukin & Jim Hartley

  • Manufacturing & Product Development - Kevin Green, Tim Coles, Damodar Ratha, Dev Kumar Sawn, Milind Patel, Uday Rjendra, Umesh, Deepak Kelshikar, Gabriel Fernandez, Hemal Maisuria, Neville at Hands, Jeff Hand, Geoff Ellis, Graham at Hands, Trevor Riley, Martin Dossor, Ray Page, Donald North, Leo Lee, Peter Georgiev, Aneta Petkova & and last however certainly not least Vasso Shiarlis

  • Sales & Distribution - Kiji Tsutomu & CCP, William & Maria McIntosh, Rob Lambert, Ed Doggen, Marc Wiebel, Victor at Design speakers & Stephen Cross

  • Product Photography - Igor Emmerich

  • Website - Nick Dautlich & Matthew Cooper

  • Special thanks to - Satch Watanabe, Olivia Gwyn-Jones, LX Paterson, Peter Papanichola, Dave Bracey, Bethan Hannah, Clive Read, Danielle from GQ, Martyn Hook & Laurence Dickie, Pedr Browne, Jamie Gwilliam, Natalie Foster

A Special Mention

Mum, Danny, Mathew Lennard, Natalie Lennard, Daniel Lennard, Chris Christerforou, Dino Morra, LX Paterson, Daveid Phillips, Jim Macairt, Anil & Lucy Mehta, The KLF, Dave Bracey & Gabby Chelmicka, Robert Anton Wilson, Alan Moore

Extra Special thanks to my family & friends over the years - you know who you are.

Portrait photograph on ABOUT page by Natalie Dybisz

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