​The art of Blue Room Released record label

Blue Room Releases

Our first release was a compilation. The artwork gave me the opportunity to experiment with the medium of Kirlian photography, something that I had always wanted to do since childhood. The cover picture is taken using the solid silver Housepod emblem and built up using just a few layers of the original photography. 

I was particularly protective of Blue Room and always spent time adjusting people's senses to its wavelength. Compiling multi-genre selections like a museum curator, I was able to broaden the horizons of Blue Room which allowed for the diversification of soundscapes within the label.
These were incredibly creative times with many people becoming part of Blue Room and exponentially expanding its ability to deliver unique experiences through music, photography, artwork and events. The diversity of musical identities enabled some great collaborations with psychedelic visual artists too. 

 The full story of the Blue Room can be found here