The story of the Blue Room Released record label​

We come in peace ... Blue Room Released

With its attention to sound design, production and performance,
Blue Room... was a hub of sensory experimentalism throughout the 1990s....The outfit had no particular agenda other than to maximise creativity...It was possessed by no purpose other than to create and recreate optimum sound environments...
— Graham St. John /Global Tribe 2012

Blue Room Released connected  Blue Room Loudspeakers to the forefront of musical innovation courtesy a global roster of talented electronic music artists. The label reinforced a primary allegiance to music, placing the hardware with the software.

From a visual and storytelling point of view, the record label was also successful at creating and maintaining the mystique around the Blue Room identity. It allowed new mediums such as the website, merchandise and the many record covers, to manifest visually. Blue Room Released was a peak into the psyche of the Blue Room.  

The combined success of our pod range of designs, the Blue Room brand and stable of artists signed to the Blue Room Released record label opened the door to a serendipitous opportunity. Opening a companion to our London office in conjunction with some like-minded fellows in San Francisco.

 The full story of the Blue Room can be found here